Our Entrepreneurs

In Spring 2019, Audacity Labs launched with its inaugural cohort of youth entrepreneurs from Hillside High School in Durham, NC. Apply to join our next group, and have your start-up join the Audacity Labs portfolio of incredible start-ups.


Inaugural Cohort


Pilot Ventures

Throughout our pilot, entrepreneur students worked in teams to first consider a community they were drawn to, learn about it, identify a pressing issue, then getting to work on tackling it. At the close of the pilot, student teams competed in an Audacity Labs Pitch Competition to win $1000 to go towards their venture. Here is a bit about their work!


cultural Cup

“25%. That is the growth year-on-year of hate crimes in United States schools. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Cultural cup is an app that helps you learn more about different countries and cultures. Our mission is to help others understand differences between cultures and religions that surround us by connecting them with real people of those cultures. To do so, this platform will gather and organize credible information and also connect you with peers and experts on or from these communities.”
-Hanan Mohammed, Iman Mohammed, Chenxiao Li

Black Beauty.png

Black Beauty

“Black Beauty is a subscription box service for black and brown people. We wanted to raise awareness regarding the fact that there aren’t many hair and skin care products easily accessible for minorities. All of our products offered in our boxes are from other black owned businesses.

Here at Black Beauty, we try to uplift other people that identify themselves as black or brown to reveal their worth and beauty.

-Nekai Anderson, Al Martin, Louis Blanton, Jazmyne Jefferson

Mentor Mi.png

Mentor Mi

“Our mission is to help high school students get the guidance and tools needed to succeed in their education and life. 

We want to reduce the stress of students who have the dual challenges of learning a new language, while just trying to get through school and life in a new home.  Tutor Mi works through three major steps: Match Mi, Meet Mi, and Mentor Mi. We do this by matching our users with mentors who speak their native tongue, and enabling them to connect through a digital platform.”  

-Ana Duran Martinez, Rene Chaves, Selvin Solorzano, Madison Kelly, Sabat Siu