What we do

Audacity Labs is a start-up incubator and co-working space for teens.  It enables participants to zoom in on a specific issue or customer need, prototype ideas to address that need, and develop a new product or service, potentially leading to a sustained enterprise.  In so doing, students develop key 21st century skills associated with the start-up process, including problem-solving, creativity, confident communications, computational thinking, and collaboration.

Our Offerings



Upon entering the program, students will begin working to earn their Audacity Labs Certification. The certificate is comprised of two requirements: completion of the 12-week Crash Course and 15 hours spent on a Venture.

  • Crash Course: A 12-week rotational, in-studio course in which students will engage in project-based curriculum surrounding Human-Centered Design, Coding, and Lean Start-Up. Students will be required to attend one of two available one-hour sessions per week.

  • Venture: Throughout the 10-week Crash Course, students will create or join a venture team that will focus on solving an issue within a certain community. “Ventures” can be an app, a service program, an enterprise, or whatever creative solution students identify throughout the process! To earn the certificate, students will have to work for at least 15 hours or 1.5 hours per week with the team on the venture. See more on ventures below.

Studio Space and Connections

This will be the foundation of the offering, a ‘third space’ that student members will have controlled access to after school, evenings, and weekends. As with adult professional co-working spaces, a fundamental component of the Audacity Labs model is to create an environment where members from different walks of life can connect, inspire, and collaborate.  Some of these will be intentional, whereby Audacity Labs will facilitate connections based upon members’ specific stated interests; and some will be serendipitous, with connections occurring organically through proximity and programs.

We are excited to announce that this next phase of Audacity Labs will be headquartered at ReCity in Durham, NC! ReCity not only offers us the physical space to work and create, but also the opportunity to collaborate alongside successful nonprofits, social enterprises, and religiously affiliated organizations across the Triangle Region.




Student members will have bi-monthly opportunities to create or join a team of four to six individuals to develop a start-up venture with either a commercial orientation, a social focus, or a hybrid of both.

  • Undergraduate Coaches: Student member, venture teams will be supported by Coaches - university students and recent graduates - who themselves will receive training in facilitation and project-based learning.

  • Professional Mentors: Drawn from the combined network of our collaborating partners, mentors will provide targeted training and guidance to venture participants in a range of areas key to start-up development, including: leadership development, design, team building, financial modeling, and communications

Workshops, field trips, and More

Theme specific support sessions will be offered, defined by the needs of the members.  These could include resumé workshops, college readiness workshops with Duke and UNC admissions officers, etiquette training, and internship fairs with our various corporate and community partners. We will also incorporate holistic programming into our itineraries, designing initiatives around mental and physical health and the arts!

Throughout the course of the program students will also be provided with access to keynote speeches from experienced entrepreneurs, technology and media executives, as well as nonprofit founders.

Students will also have ample opportunities to be exposed to and participate in community pitch events through the ReCity’s development of Durham Soup— see https://detroitsoup.com/ for more information.



Member-Driven Programming

Members will be able to offer their own programming to peers or work with Audacity Labs staff to curate and source keynote speakers, training opportunities, and any other feasible initiatives they generate.


At Audacity Labs, our mission is to Democratize Entrepreneurship. We want anyone willing to put in the hard work and creativity to collaborate with others and launch a new venture, to be able to do so. Accordingly, we have sliding scale pricing for those on free or reduced price lunch. Each wave of students will comprise of at least 30% free or reduced tuition partipants.

Full Pricing


Pilot Full Price Special

$100 per month

Reduced Lunch Price

$50 per month

Free lunch price




What you get out of Audacity Labs

  • A safe space  to work, connect, and play after school, weekday evening, and weekends

  • Workshops  centered on developing  resumes, college applications, and soft-skills necessary for post-secondary school success

  • A tolerance for, and appreciation of ‘failure’ as a byproduct of the innovation process.

  • The confidence born of having to pitch an idea and turn doubters into champions.

  • An agile mindset and willingness to try something over and over again with improvements, steps backward, and changes of direction.

  • An empathetic and user-centered outlook where clarification of need is as important as the resulting ideas.

  • Crucial business acumen, including the ability to manage projects, account for financials, and work with others.

  • Growing ambitions and awareness of what is possible, from exposure to mentors ranging from VCs to Duke Students to local CEO's.

  • An expanded network, engaging participants with local organizations and giving them the tools to navigate their current communities and those they may encounter in the future.